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Make a difference in the lives of these children. Your gift keeps these extremely poor children off the street and provides them with quality education and healthcare that they deserve.

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My DCI brings unprecedented level of transparency and control to your giving experience. Give to the program you love and stay updated. Champion a cause like health, education and more. Help the most deserving people of the country you love.

Featured opportunities

From the thousands of grassroots projects under our four major programs, we bring to you these featured projects that require immediate assistance. Seize this opportunity today.

Sponsor a Youth Leaders Meeting

Picture of Sponsor a Youth Leaders Meeting
Help DCI's youth volunteers further our mission by sponsoring a chapter meeting.

$25.00 (USD)

Sponsor a Week of Meals at Sun Child Home Orphanage

Picture of Sponsor a Week of Meals at Sun Child Home Orphanage
Please help the children of DCI's Sun Child Home stay nourished and strong by sponsoring one week of healthy meals!

$350.00 (USD)

Sponsor Child Rights Conference

Picture of Sponsor Child Rights Conference
Help ensure the success of DCI's upcoming Conference on Child Rights & Sight.